Training sessions about our ranges and care protocols

We support our range distributors by offering customised courses with a specific and unique approach on beauty :

For Institutes and Spas’ therapists

Phyt's : theory and practise of the technique and the products used for the facial and body Naturo-esthétique®.

Bionatural : theory and practise of the techniques and exfoliating, modeling, and wrapping bodycare products.

Françoise Morice : theory and practise of the  manual techniques specific to its exclusive method : Kinéplastie®.

For the staff and pharmacy, drugstore  and Organic food store animators

Gamarde : training on our ranges of skincare products and about the characteristics of active ingredients present in the formulation.

The length of our sessions varies ( from half-day to 5-day sessions) and can be adapted abroad, meeting the needs. They are provided in Caillac (Lot) but also  throughout France and over the world.