Naturally glamourous

Based on the JERODIA Group’s policy to offer best quality and out of respect to your skin and the environment, Phyt’s Organic Make-Up up is a complete line of make-up products of natural origin.

The first completely certified Organic

Phyt’s Organic Make-Up goes beyond the minimum standards and always opts for a maximum
of ingredients from Organic Farming. Active ingredients of natural origin used in our range of products make them safe :

  • Vegetal butters, waxes, and oils, to nourrish, protect and moisterise,
  • Antioxidant and antiaging vegetal vitamin E,
  • Extracts of Organic plants and essential oils, to soften and protect skin,
  • Mineral pigments for a palette of natural colours.

Phyt's Organic Make-Up offers you a wide range of shades for infinite makeup variations !

No paraben, no phenoxyethanol, no peg, no synthetic pigment and fragrance, no silicone.