Cosmetics Made in Paris….

Jenebel Françoise Morice made its mark in the history of cosmetics a few blocksfrom the Champs-Elysées in the 40s.
True ambassadors of French Beauty, Françoise Morice and her husband were activefigures in the recognition of beauticians' qualifications by creating the first school in France, as well as an institute developing a unique treatment method : Kinéplastie®.
They are located in the Golden Triangle in Paris.
To meet the skin's essential needs and obtain long-lasting results with this exclusive skin care technique, Françoise Morice has developed a range of products with carefully selected ingredients.

A unique treatment method : Kinéplastie®

The Kinéplastie® protocol is based both on personalised skin analysis (visual examination, touch) and on the expertise of Françoise Morice beauty therapist who will perform a sequence of movements to meet the skin needs, at each session. The unequalled movements of Kinéplastie® is perfectly adapted to each physiology and can be considered a unique treatment.
It restores the beauty assets, refreshes complexion, combats the signs of skin aging, reactivates microcirculations and helps cell exchanges in a calming and cosy atmosphere.

Kinéplastie guarantees efficacy and relaxation.

A range of cosmetics

Created in accordance with the Françoise Morice charter of excellence, it is based on three fundamental concepts :

  • Exploitation of valuable resources of nature (floral waters, natural plant extracts and marine, vitamins),
  • Active synergy of products  such as in beauty room or at home - based on our concept of "essentials" and "specifics",
  • A constant search for quality formulation of natural products and formulations whenever possible.