Consulting distribution :  each network has its own brand

The Jerodia group has organised commercial teams for each brand in France or abroad. They are specialised and dedicated to the different distribution networks and help them daily in their development.

Phyt’s and Bionatural : Beauty parlor and Spa’s partner

Phyt’s and Bionatural work with therapists to offer them the most suitable cosmetics and cares. They provide them with many training tools to enable them to work in the best conditions.

Gamarde : designed for pharmacies, drugstores, and organic food stores

Gamarde skincare products developed by the laboratories have been created to bring solutions to skin problems to these networks. Most of the formulations target sensitive skins. Gamarde also provides with regular training and effective communication tools for the best guidance.

Jerodia Institute : a reference for natural health practioners

Jerodia, as a high expert in food supplements, is totally dedicated to guiding natural health practioners and general public. All the developed food supplements enable the natural health practioners to find answers suiting their patients’ problems.