Laboratoires JÉrodia

Our commitments

We promise to uphold our four values :


Step one : natural and organic beauty

  • A maximum of Organic certified products,
  • The naturalness of our cosmetics and food supplements is of the utmost importance,
  • A maximum of organic plant ingredients are used in the formulations,
  • We have undertaken to promote the development of organic farming without pesticides and synthetic chemicals.

Step two : social responsibility

  • All the products are developed and made in France,
  • Local employment, defense of living environment, the maintenance of an agricultural activity redirected to organic farming,
  • Engaged abroad in Fair Trade, looking for a maximum of “green’” raw materials : shea butter (Burkina Faso),

Step three : environmental responsibility

  • Natural cosmetics free of PEG, silicone, bisphenol A;  most of the time free of coloring, and synthetic preservatives,
  • All the products are developed in order to minimize the impact on the environment: No use of chlorine to clean the machines, no polluting discharges, waste management,
  • Recyclable or biodegradable containers are used,
  • Remain alert to the carbon footprint : transport distances, optimization of our energy use,
  • Committed to the protection of natural spaces: brochures are made from sustainable managed forests (PEFC certification),
  • Committed to maintaining biodiversity : we refuse to use any plant matter if its stainability can’t be guaranteed and actions to develop pollinator bees.

Step four : corporate social responsibility

  • The person is at the centre of all our concern and individual fulfilment is promoted: personalized care,advice and training,
  • Encourage diversity, integration, equality of opportunities : partnership with institutions for handicapped people,
  • We are in a dynamic process to make people aware, in quest for sense : Naturality, Safety, Efficiency of our Organic products are superior to any other consideration.