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A range based on the combination between Gamarde-les-Bains Water and Organic Argan Oil, organic certified and of natural origin ingredients for sensitive skins.

Origin and positive effects of Gamarde-Les-Bains water

  • Gamarde les Bains spring water has been recognized for its dermatological properties¬† by The French Academy of Medicine,
  • Highly mineralised and rich in sulphur, dermoprotective, soothing, anti-irritant, Gamarde water brings wellbeing and softness to sensitive ones.

Organic Argan oil : a rare and precious nectar

  • From the Argan Tree (South West Morocco),
  • Made up of 80% of Omega 6 fatty acids and anti-oxydant natural Vitamin E,
  • Exceptional hydrating, nutritive, repairing and anti-ageing virtues.

Thanks to the perfect control of the different stages of the plant chain and involved to offer ever more performant cosmetics, Gamarde Cosmetic Laboratories can give you all the guarantees about the efficiency and safety of their products, thanks to a panel of clinical studies made under dermatological control by an independent body.


A wide range : Gamarde Cleansing range, babies range, sun care range or mens care... Gamarde takes care of all the family’s sensitive skin.